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    Heilongjiang kits held 2017 annual work summary meeting


    Heilongjiang kits held 2017 annual work summary meeting

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      To sum up experiences and lessons learned and better achieve the 2018 performance indicators, Heilongjiang Pouch held 2017 Annual Manager (including staff level and middle and senior management) in the conference room on January 11 and 15, 2018 respectively. Work summary meeting.

      Review 2017, Heilongjiang kits have gone through an extraordinary year, although after nearly 3 months of pavement maintenance, but still successfully completed the company issued the beginning of the various tasks indicators. At the meeting, all managers made a speech on their posts, mainly for the lack of work in 2017 were reported and summarized, and 2018 key projects were planned. Department heads, deputy general manager and general manager of the lower management one by one to comment, affirmative, pointed out inadequate. Staff from the "German, able, diligence, performance," four aspects of all managers on the spot assessment.

      "Winds and waves will sometimes, straight clouds sail sea." Heilongjiang kits all employees will fulfill their duties, lead by example, for the development of enterprises strive to move forward!

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