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    Hubei Kelun reasonable proposals to organize redemption points


    Hubei Kelun reasonable proposals to organize redemption points

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      In order to recognize advanced, motivate staff to find improvement points, put forward reasonable suggestions, lean production project rationalization proposal module planning organization, Hubei Kelun in the afternoon of January 15, 2018 held a reasonable point redemption activities, each department (workshop) key members And a total of more than 30 employees attended.

      The event includes the achievement of the target, the conclusion of the work in 2017, the target consensus in 2018, the decomposition of the indicator and the redemption of points and gifts. Excellent sponsor representatives and representatives of outstanding departments how to carry out rationalization proposals and experience in the process of sharing insights and won the presence of applause from the staff.

      Gordon Silver, general manager of Cologne, Hubei Province, pointed out that since the company carried out the rationalization and suggestion activities, employees at all levels have been actively involved and staff awareness has been gradually enhanced, contributing to the efficiency improvement of the Company. Rationalization advice is a platform for employees to offer advice and suggestions, and also an important way for the company to find and train qualified personnel. We hope that more employees will make suggestions for the development of the company and contribute their own strength.

      This activity further aroused the enthusiasm of the majority of employees to participate in the rationalization proposals, which effectively promoted the further development of rationalization proposals and continuous improvement activities of the Company.

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