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    Zhejiang Science and Technology Department Director Zhou Guohui visited Zhejiang National Mirror to investigate


    Zhejiang Science and Technology Department Director Zhou Guohui visited Zhejiang National Mirror to investigate

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      On January 5, 2018, Yan Mingxiang, director of the party committee and director of the Office of Science and Technology of Zhejiang Province, visited the research laboratory of Zhejiang Guoguang and Xu Guangwen, vice mayor of Lishui City, Liu Chongmin, director of the Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology, and Wu Songping, deputy secretary of the Municipal Commission of Science and Technology , Executive vice mayor Xiong Yongjun, assistant mayor Xiong Shusheng, deputy mayor Zhang Xiangyang and other leaders accompanied.

      Zhou Guohui and his entourage in-depth production site, visited the company put into operation a large infusion workshop. Mouchun Lei, general manager of Zhejiang Guo Chun on the production technology, product quality, site management and the introduction of a series of international advanced equipment to achieve a leap-frog manufacturing upgrade introduced in detail. In the conference room, Director Zhou Guohui also carefully listened to the report of General Manager Mou Chunlei on scientific and technological innovation of Colom Group's development and strategic planning, innovative product development and equipment.

      Minister Zhou Guohui fully affirmed the achievements made by Cologne Group and Zhejiang Guozijiang in innovation-driven activities. He pointed out that enterprises must strengthen their businesses with science and technology and make innovations and developments. Local governments and science and technology departments should strengthen their support and assistance to enterprises in policies. Actual actions will be implemented in the spirit of the 19 th National Congress. He said the provincial science and technology department will also provide support policies for R & D and innovation of ZM, provide sites and conditions for R & D innovation and talent introduction, and encourage companies to make full use of resources and environment in science and technology innovation in Zhejiang Province. With the help of Cologne R & D Advantage, Zhejiang National Mirror cultivation, construction of the province's benchmark for scientific and technological innovation.

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